Sprinklers - Pop-Up Rotors? Or Spray Head? Find them all here and Much More! Lawn sprinklers are an integral part of an irrigation system. Custom Touch Lawn offers an array of lawn sprinklers sprays, rotary sprinklers, replacement nozzles, tools and more.

Custom Touch Lawn carries all the elite and major brands of sprinklers. Browse our full line for super savings on lawn irrigation sprinklers and accessories today!

  • Rotary Nozzles

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  • 3500 Rotor

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  • Van Nozzles

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  • 1804 Sprays

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  • 5004 Rotors

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  • 5004 Plus Rotors

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Custom Touch Lawn & Landscape provides quality Lawn Care, Landscaping, Irrigation Systems, Sprinklers & Lawn Maintenance throughout Wichita, Kansas. When it comes to Wichita Lawn Care, Custom Touch is one of the most trusted Lawn & Landscaping companies in town. Custom Touch Lawn & Landscape Serving the Greater Wichita Area.