We offer COMPLETE sprinkler system maintenance and repair. We know that fertilization and proper lawn maintenance alone does not make a lawn beautiful. It has to be properly irrigated as well. Our sprinkler system technicians have the knowledge to diagnose the problem and fix it the first time. We offer emergency response in the event of a line break, or serious damage to the system. We also have a program that includes monthly checks of your system to make sure it is in proper working order and to determine if any adjustments need to be made. We specialize in fall winterization and blow-out, spring start-up, certified backflow testing, and city certification.

  • Summer Inspection: When performing a summer inspection, we run through all the zones, adjust and check every head, and check for leaks. We look for wet and dry areas in the turf and beds. We check the overall appearance and health of turf, shrubs, and trees. We finish by creating a new watering schedule for the system based on weather conditions.
  • Winterization: The winterization process starts by turning off the water to the irrigation system. We hook a large air compressor to the system and blow all the water out of the lines. This provides the best protection against freeze damage through the winter months.
  • Service and Repairs: Our knowledgeable team can troubleshoot and repair your irrigation system. Anything from broken heads, leaks, valve issues, controller issues and much more. We can also access the system for coverage issues, low pressure, head spacing, flow rate and water efficiency.
  • (minimum charges apply)
  • Backflow Test: Some cities require backflow tests. A certified backflow tester will visit your property to make sure your backflow is operating up to city code. Once the test is completed, we will leave you a copy of the test and file a copy with your city of residence.
  • Sprinkler System Installation: Our sprinkler systems conserve water with precise targeted watering. Each system includes a rain sensor, which shuts the system off during the rain. You can be assured of the highest quality professsional products installed with integrity by our team of professionals with 80 years of combined knowledge and experience. Installations include a 2 year complete warranty with our Custom Touch guarantee.

Please give us a call at 316-393-0311 about our Wichita Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems and we’ll set up a consultation with one of our lawn care representatives or click here to set up a free quote.

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