LAWN CARE (Residential & Commercial)

We take lawn care very seriously. Our goal is to make your lawn one that people recognize for its beauty. One way we do this is through our weekly lawn maintenance program. With our weekly lawn maintenance program, we include: edging around all curbs and walkways, trimming around all trees, walls, landscaping barriers, etc.,and power blowing all debris from any concrete areas. Since we have such a high standard for lawn maintenance, we use only the best equipment.

We can provide lawn maintenance for any type of lawn from fescue to bermuda, and residential to commercial. We also offer other lawn maintenance programs such as spring and fall clean up, and gutter cleaning. We will meet and exceed your expectations for lawn maintenance.

Our Fescue/Bluegrass Lawn Care Program

  • Early Spring Application: Greens lawn up and helps prevent annual grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail. Broadleaf weed control is applied once weather is warm enough.
  • Late Spring Application: Helps control annual grassy weeds like crabgrass and foxtail and keeps lawn green and healthy. We also control dandelions, clover and other broadleaf weeds as needed.
  • Summer Application: Sustains spring color through the summer. We also spot treat broadleaf weeds and nutsedge as needed.
  • Summer Weed Control: Spot treatment of broadleaf weeds and nutsedge as needed.
  • Grub Control: Prevents grubs all season long.
  • Fall Application: Rebuilds turf after summer stress. Broadleaf weed control used as needed.
  • Winterizer: Builds a large food reserve for spring and early summer. This will ensure earlier spring green-up, better-than-normal color, better rooting and tillering.

Additional Fescue/Bluegrass Lawn Services

  • Winter Lime: Raises the soil’s pH and aids in thatch decomposition.
  • April Mow Reducer: Decreases mowing needs for four to five weeks and eliminates the need for bagging by turning top growth into root growth. Also, provides a darker green lawn.
  • Power Core Aeration: Helps loosen clay soils, controls thatch build-up, and promotes rooting for the best lawns.
  • Disease Control Program: Reduces damage to lawns from disease.
  • Seeding: Spot seeding to complete renovation with a range of available seeding options with premium seed varieties.

Please give us a call at 316-393-0311 about our Wichita Lawn Care Service and we’ll set up a consultation with one of our lawn care representatives or click here to set up a free quote.

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