Our fertilizer program consists of six specifically designed and seasonally scheduled service visits. Our lawn care specialists are trained to recognize and treat a variety of diseases, insect, and weed problems and recommend proper maintenance practices to help benefit from our scheduled lawn care applications.

  • Early Spring – Promotes early spring green-up and recovery from winter stress. Weed control and crabgrass control are also applied.
  • Spring – Provides extra nutrients, which improves lawn color and density. Existing weed control and crabgrass control are also applied.
  • Early Summer – Helps prepare your lawn for the harsh summer heat. Weed and crabgrass are also treated
  • Late Summer – We apply a fertilizer designed to promote root growth, without burning the grass in the high summer heat. We will also spot treat any remaining weeds and crabgrass, as well as inspect for grubs, and other insects. If these are present, your lawn care technician will discuss treatment options.
  • Early Fall – Encourages new root growth and thickens your lawn. Spot treatment for weeds, insects, and disease problems will also be applied.
  • Late Fall – Contains a special fertilizer rate that promotes deep root growth and food storage for the winter months. Spot weed control as needed.

We offer a three step tree and shrub fertilizing program, that will enhance not only the health of your trees and shrubs but the appearance of home and lawn. The three application are applied in the early spring, mid summer, and early fall.

Please give us a call at 316-393-0311 about our Wichita Fertilizing Service and we’ll set up a consultation with one of our lawn care representatives or click here to set up a free quote.

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