Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Touch Lawn appreciates the opportunity to be your one source for your lawn’s continued health. Please take a moment to read our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) below and then contact us today for a FREE CONSULTATION!

What can I expect from your Premium Lawn Care Maintenance Service?

You will find that our lawn care maintenance services are both comprehensive and thorough. Select your services:

  • Mowing of your front and backyard with our durable, commercial grade mulching movers.
  • Edging along sidewalks and driveways with quality steel blade edger.
  • String trimming of all areas that not accessible by mower. This includes the areas around flower beds, fences, trees, and A/C units.*
  • Blowing away of debris so that your sidewalk, driveway and patios areas are completely clean.

What happens if my gate is locked during the time of the scheduled lawn care service?

Please leave your gate unlocked for the entire day of your regularly scheduled service or opt to use a combination lock and provide us with the combination to gain access to your yard on that day. Our policy states that we are unable to reschedule or issue credit for that day’s service if we are unable to gain access to your lawn.

Will my pet be in your way?

It’s best if your pet is left inside your home on your scheduled service day. Also, please pick up pet droppings, toys, bones, and large rocks as they can cause severe damage to your property, of our equipment and crew if they come in contact with our lawn mower blades.

If you cannot bring your pet indoors, please let us know at least 24 hours ahead of time. We cannot guarantee or be held responsible if your pet escapes from your yard. We love pets also, so let’s work together and keep our pets safe and indoors on those scheduled service days.

What if it’s raining on my service day?

We mow in light rain or after the rain subsides. If we determine that the lawn is too wet, your lawn will be completed on the following day or Saturday, if necessary. Any other prescheduled services you have with us will be altered by one day.

Can I reschedule my service?

If you need to reschedule, cancel, or skip a service, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance by telephone or e-mail. Due to unforeseen factors that may be beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that your change request will be honored; however, we will do our best to accommodate any scheduling changes you desire. For skip service requests, your regular schedule will resume the following week.

What if I want to cancel my service?

While it is our desire for you to be pleased with our service season after season, neither party is obligated to continue. Our policy states that customers who wish to cancel their service must provide a 14 day written notice.

What if I am dissatisfied with the results after a service call?

If for any reason you feel that our work is not to your satisfaction or if you think that we missed a service date, contact us within 24 hours of the original scheduled service and we will gladly re-send our crew out the same day–if possible, to re-mow your yard WITHOUT ADDITIONAL CHARGE! No credits or refunds apply to give us the opportunity to correct any mistakes to reach our goal of your guaranteed satisfaction!

What happens if there is damage to my property during a scheduled service call?

Please be sure that your sprinkler heads, drain caps, and valve covers are installed correctly and not hidden from view, as we will not honor any requests for repair of these types of items. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee applies in other cases. If we are unable to repair the damage ourselves in a timely manner, we will find someone else who is qualified to do it! In order for this guarantee to be enacted, we must receive notice from you by phone or e-mail within 24 hours of the performed service date.


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